Integrity, Preciseness,Neatness and Efficiency

As the extension of the ZIMEX GmbH in Germany - Shanghai ZIMEX Industrial Co., Ltd. aims to build a Sino-German technical and industrial exchange bridge. At present, our business in the Greater China region has involved environmental protection, machinery, packaging, construction hardware and tools, we adhere to the rigorous and advanced German manufacturing process and provide customers with better products, solutions and local services.

With the continuous growth of the environmental protection awareness, the development of the environmental protection industry is also becoming increasingly important. After years of exploration and development in the field of environmental protection, the company has established technical cooperation with the German company MACHEREY-NAGEL (abb. MN) to introduce environmentally friendly products into the Chinese market. The product focuses on the analysis of water quality, soil and atmosphere, and has been used in chemical industry, scientific research, food, electroplating, metal surface processing, textile printing, dyeing and other industries.

For more than ten years, ZIMEX has been jointly managed and operated by both China and Germany side, providing a reliable platform and fast channel for the promotion of Sino-German high-tech products. With continued exploration in the future market, we are the reliable partner for your choice.